Techcross ensures that the authenticity of its products through MSDS verification and secondary quality checks before delivering them to customers. Genuine products can only be purchased through Techcross headquarters or Techcross direct partner companies. And starting from the second half of 2023, the neutralizing agent will have a QR code for authentic product identification.

How to get a certificate of authenticity

  • STEP 01

    QR Code location verification

    Visible on the front of
    the neutralizing agent packaging

  • STEP 02

    QR Code recognition

    Capture with a camera capable
    of scanning QR code

  • STEP 03

    Confirmation of genuine status

    Direct to the genuine product
    authentication page if genuine

Corrosion example.

Please remember that using non-genuine products can cause equipment corrosion and damage. Techcross cannot accept responsibility for this, so please cooperate in using safe products and purchasing genuine ones.