Developed by Techcross, ECS is a direct electrolysis BWMS and ECS-HYCHLOR is an indirect electrolysis system. These products utilize proprietary electrolysis technology to provide more perfect disinfection. They are top products recognized by the world for effective installation and swift customer response.

  • ECS

    ECS (Electro-Cleen™ System) is a BMWS using direct electrolysis technology. Since Techcross received basic approval from the IMO for the world's first BWMS in 2006, the company has been providing this optimal customer- acclaimed solution with easy installation, low maintenance costs, and experience-backed services.

    The sea water coming into the vessel passes through the ECU and is simultaneously sterilized through a direct electric process. The processed sea water goes to the ballast tank, where the remaining hypochlorite acid perfectly prevents the regrowth of microorganisms. Later during the deballast, the remaining TRO is neutralized to minimize the impact on the marine environment. Unlike during the ballasting, the sea water is directly discharged without going through the ECU during deballasting.


    HYCHLOR (ECS-HYCHLOR™ System) is a BMWS using indirect electrolysis technology. Techcross has enabled high efficiency for its proprietary electrodes; to respond to various customer needs, the company developed HYCHLOR, supported by another electrolysis method. HYCHLOR may be a good alternative for customers with a system with pipes that cannot directly host an electrolysis chamber.

    HYCHLOR is composed of filter units, indirect electrolysis units, neutralizer, and other devices. Using the AFU installed in the main pipes, the system removes sediments and microorganisms over 50㎛. Then, only 1% of the sea water taken into the ship is sent to the indirect electrolysis unit to generate high-concentration TRO, which is then sent back to the main pipes. The water is diluted to maximum TRO concentration of 5.0mg/L, with the goal of disinfecting remaining microorganisms. During deballasting, the later bypasses AFU, only neutralizing the remaining TRO to be sent outside of the ship.


    The key to electrolysis technology is in the electrodes. Techcross has proprietary technology on the electrodes, and the company can independently manufacture the devices, enabling quality and cost control. Strict quality control and manufacturing know-how are required to produce electrodes because all manufacturing elements from materials to coating liquid and methods determine the resulting performance. Techcross electrodes are made using catalysts with high reaction factors in fresh water with insufficient chlorides. Furthermore, Techcross uses a special coating method with higher efficiency that generates cracks on the surface of the titanium electrodes to ncrease the surface area. Also, electrodes lose their lifespan with more use because of scale buildup on the negative surface, which increases resistance and requires higher current to maintain the remaining oxidants. Techcross solved this problem by reducing the scale buildup by coating special materials on the titanium electrode surfaces.


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    Low Power Consumption

    Techcross BWMS uses the proprietary high-efficiency electrodes, which lead to an extremely lower power consumption compared to competitor's (ECS consumes 3.4kW and HYCHLOR consumes 5kW for 100 tons of sea water). That is, no additional devices are required to manage power consumption; the lower power consumption means savings on operating costs.

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    Convenient Installation

    The compact Techcross BWMS can be installed on various vessels regardless of type or size. The products can be flexibly installed in limited spaces, which means that minimal structural changes are needed, in addition to guaranteeing the best cost efficiency by reducing the installation time.

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    Low Maintenance and Operating Costs

    Techcross BWMS treats ballast water only once during ballasting, which reduces operating costs and eliminates the necessity for regular part replacements. Techcross operates a reliability laboratory that enhances device and part durability to reduce maintenance costs.

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    Largest References

    Techcross is an industry pioneer with the most installation cases. It is the first company in the industry that successfully installed explosion proof type of systems in large or difficult VLCC vessels. The ample references provide optimal installation solutions that will save customers time and money.

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    Global Service Network

    Techcros operates global hubs in each continent to provide customized services to customers. Each hub is manned by Techcross employees and engineers who provide stable services. Key countries also host global training centers providing systematic training opportunities.

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    Continued Environmental R&D Investment

    Techcross is on the way to becoming a comprehensive environmental company from a marine environmental company. We are using proprietary technologies to various environmental projects, and through active R&D projects we offer new products and optimal solutions.

Only TECHCROSS’ technology, which can easily gauge the tank levels, saves the crew’s work time and trouble. HHT (Hand Held Terminal) is the main equipment of the TECHCROSS TLGS (Tank Level Gauging System), which makes it possible to calibrate the water level on deck. In particular, it has excellent compatibility with the TECHCROSS’ ballast water management system, so it can give the best effect when applied to ships that have already installed or are planning to install the ballast water management system. A total of three types of TLGSs are available, so it is possible to provide the products in response to various needs.

  • PNL
    (Pure Pneumatic Type)

    It is characterized by injecting air into the pipe installed in the tank, gauging the pressure corresponding to the liquid level, and checking the value converted to the water level through the pneumatic indicator.

  • ENL
    (Electro Pneumatic Type)

    It is similar to PNL, but is characterized by converting the gauged pressure into an electrical signal (4~20mA) through the PI converter, and checking the water level at the electric indicator/ballast water management system/loading computer.

  • EPL
    (Electric Pressure Type)

    It is characterized by installing a transducer (Incl. Pressure Cell) in the tank or on its side to gauge the pressure corresponding to the liquid level, converting it into an electric signal (4~20mA) through a transmitter, and checking the water level at the electric indicator/ballast water management system/loading computer.


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    The crew can easily calibrate the water level on the spot using the HHT (a portable calibrating device).

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    Even if there is an error in the transmitter, it can be efficiently applied to the tank with another transmitter. The HHT also makes it possible to adjust the transmitter on the spot.

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    It has passed the strict test, and a capacitive ceramic sensor has enhanced the reliable result value and corrosion resistance.

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    Integrated service

    The electric signal (4~20mA) of the TECHCROSS TLGS can be monitored by connecting it to the TECHCROSS IBTV.

A one step further advanced one-stop solution for the ballast water management system.
IBTV, introduced by TECHCROSS, is a control platform that integrates a ballast water management system, a tank level gauging system, and a remote valve control system. With a single operation, all equipment related to the ballast water management system can be controlled simultaneously.


Providing the optimal solution with the global no.1 installation experience.

  • Electro-Cleen™ System
  • ECS-Hychlor™ System


Possible to choose from 3 types according to customer needs.

  • PNL (Pure Pneumatic type)
  • ENL (Electro Pneumatic type)
  • EPL (Electric Pressure type)


The software that anyone can use easily with a user-friendly UI


The valve lining system optimized for BWMS operation.

  • HPU
  • Sol’ valve cabinet
  • Actuator


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    Full automation

    It makes it possible to experience simple and smart control by reducing the possibility of errors that could occur while operating multiple equipment at the same time, as well as reducing the labor time of crew members for operating individual equipment, which has been taken for granted so far.

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    One-stop service

    In case of equipment problems, it took a lot of time and money to contact individual companies and adjust the schedule, but now it can be solved all at once by just contacting TECHCROSS. In addition, TECHCROSS’ AS service can be used anytime, anywhere.

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    For the stable equipment use, TECHCROSS workstation and control panel are designed to be compatible with each other. Even if there is an accident, it is possible to use the equipment stably.