Techcross Cooperates with SHI to Develop Smart Ship Service for Maintenance

 The leading BWMS company, Techcross, has signed an MOU to participate in the development of Smart Ship Equipment Maintenance Services being carried out by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI). The signing ceremony, held at Techcross Busan Factory on 7 June, was attended by Park Seog-won, CEO of Techcross, and Kim Hyun-jo, Director of the Autonomous Navigation Research Center at SHI. The purpose of MOU is to collaborate on joint research and commercialization for the establishment of an advanced platform performance system for a 17,000 DWT multi-purpose offshore verification vessel conducted by the KOMERI (Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute).





 SHI, selected as the contractor for the “Establishment of an advanced platform performance system for mult-purpose offshore verification” project led by the Korean government in 2021, intends to enhance smart ship services by integrating their self-developed Smart ship platform, SVESSEL CBM, with Techcross IBTV (Integrated BWMS, TLGS, VRCS: Techcross BWMS integrated control platform). SHI’s SVESSEL provides integrated operational services both at sea (onboard) and on lad (control center), allowing for data analysis, fault diagnosis, maintenance of major equipment installed on ships and ship route tracking. By combining the Techcross IBTV platform, they aim to identify any potential issues that may arise during the process and develop optimal solutions, fostering mutual cooperation and co-prosperity for joint growth.


 In the industry’s recent focus on digital transformation, collecting and utilizing data to provide smart solutions is just as important as technological innovation.


 SHI has been developing smart ship solution technologies encouraging the participation of global equipment suppliers in projects related to the advancement of SVESSEL. Techcross also has been developing a smart platform for their self-developed products and applying them to actual ships since 2021. As a result, this MOU is expected to contribute not only to the technological advancement of both companies but also to strengthen the foundation of domestic environmentally-friendly smart ship platform. Moreover, it is expected to play a role in establishing future global standards.