Customer Services Based on Techcross Big Data

 Recently, Techcross has received positive responses from their customers in service sector. This is because they provide proactive services and troubleshooting through the Techcross Smart Platform. The Smart Platform is a service platform that collects and analyzes all log data of BWMS in real-time, and it was launched in earnest since early last year.


 Customers are highly satisfied because they can receive proactive solutions from Techcross through the Smart Platform before any issues related to equipment failures, malfunctions, or maintenance arise. In the past year, approximately 30% of installed ships have resolved problems through the Smart Platform.


 As an example, in case of the neutralizer discharge equipment (ANU: Auto Neutralization Unit), it was found that the recorded data differed from the actual results. After further investigation, it was discovered that there was a problem with the pump, and once it was repaired, the equipment worked properly. This not only prevented excessive consumption of neutralizer but also saved time and cost for the AS service engineer’s onboarding. Additionally, in case where high-temperature alarms occurred in the equipment several times, it was discovered that the cooling water tank was empty during operation, and the crew was instructed to refill the cooling water to prevent equipment failure in advance.


 So far, the Smart Platform has been applied to approximately 150 ships. An official from Techcross expressed confidence that “The Smart Platform has the advantage of being easy to install, only requiring a network connection to existing ships. This allows for additional application to more than 1,000 ships by next year.” Once the Smart Platform is fully applied, it is expected to contribute to improving the accuracy of data analysis and accumulating better cases for service improvement, based on the richer big data.