Expanding All Service Areas beyond BWMS



Putting top priority on trust with the customer, TECHCROSS has enhanced customer convenience dramatically once again by expanding the base of services related to BWMS.


So far, BWMS makers normally took charge of selling and installing the concerned equipment. In contrast, TECHCROSS has expanded its lineup to TLGS (Tank Level Gauging System) and VRCS (Valve Remote Control System) in addition to BWMS and developed TECHCROSS IBTV (Integrated BWMS/TLGS/VRCS), a control platform which can integrate all the equipment for optimal operation. TECHCROSS IBTV makes it possible with a single button to solve problems of inconvenience such as annoying operation and management of each piece of equipment, possibility of wrong operation, and increase in the number of objects which need maintenance. It means that TECHCROSS can now solve all the issues related to BWMS at once within the vessel using the new system, and as a result it is possible to improve efficiency and reduce expenses as one company takes charge of not only maintenance and management but also purchasing and installation of equipment.


While TECHCROSS IBTV provides convenience for customers with expanded lineup in hardware aspect, TECHCROSS Smart Platform provides customers with upgraded services in software aspect. TECHCROSS Smart Platform helps prevent the cause of problem in advance by storing and analyzing all the data of TECHCROSS BWMS in real time. The service can be used anytime using the Wi-Fi of the vessel or the LAN cable without additional charge or equipment, and it is possible to check the state of the vessel and equipment anytime anywhere where communication is available. Customers can save time and expenses for maintenance and also the expected life of equipment increases as TECHCROSS can solve a potential problem even before the problem is detected. TECHCROSS, too, can improve equipment performance by acquiring various kinds of data about the equipment in the vessel to contribute to improvement of customer satisfaction in a virtuous cycle.



Making efforts to provide better services as the No. 1 company in the industry through various references, TECHCROSS has expanded all the service areas including TECHCROSS IBTV and Smart Platform in order to strengthen the core of BWMS. It is also expected that TECHCROSS can satisfy customers and at the same time develop better system.