Techcross, Kicking Off the New Year with a New Record


BWMSs ready for shipping in Techcross Busan factory


Despite the prolonged COVID-19, Techcross kicked off the new year with a new record in earnings and a continuous sales growth.


As of the third week of January, Techcross sold BWMSs for 81 ships, equivalent to 23 million dollars. This is the largest January  amount of order, but there is still one week left till the month end, it is expected to exceed 26 million dollars, the largest monthly order record in 2021.


In addition, Techcorss finished FATs (Factory Acceptance Test), conducted to check if pre-shipped products have been properly produced and if they function well, for 93 ships and set a new monthly record. Moreover, 83 ships are already reserved FAT in February, so that monthly FATs are expected to be conducted for more than 100 ships In the near future, which is an unprecedented record in the industry.


Finally, in terms of the delivery of post-inspected products, Techcross also set a new record. As of the third week of January, shipping products for 72 ships were confirmed. This is the largest figure in the company history, but there is still one week to go until the month end and more sales revenue is expected. A department in charge is currently coordinating a shipment schedule before the Lunar New Year Holidays.


As the mandatory installation date stipulated in the BWM Convention is approaching, those ship owners who postponed installation are changing their stance. Thus, BWMS market is expected to experience a bottle neck phenomenon over the next 1 or 2 years. Under these circumstances, the most important thing is a maker’s production capacity and product installation capability.

A sales representative at Techcross confidently stated, “Techcross has the largest production factory in the world and is capable of producing more than 3,300 sets of BWMS. Also, since we have installed more than 4,200 systems, we can handle any customer needs.”