Techcross New TRO Sensor Obtained NEP Certificate



 Techcross announced that their new TRO sensor (called “DTS”) with an advanced turbidity correction technology has been awarded a New Excellent Product (NEP) certificate. On 17 December, MOTIE (Korean Agency for Technology and Standard of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) announced total twenty NEP awarded products and Techcross DTS is honorably one of them.

 NEP is a Korean governmental certification system to evaluate and certify the excellence of a newly developed local product with a new technology and support the product entry into the expanded global market, while boosting innovative technology development. Techcross has been proven again as one of the most influential leaders in the field of electrolysis technology for Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) by achieving this 2nd NEP Award since their first NEP for their own BWMS called ECS with a full flow electrolysis technology back in 2011.


 TRO sensing is an essential part not only for the BWMS but also for the whole electrolysis water treatment. TRO sensing should be necessary to first measure the efficiency of electrolysis and then   calculate the consumption of electricity and neutralizing agent. Despite the importance of TRO sensing, the existing technology has been found to constantly fail to measure the right TRO value depending on the water quality and environment.


In contrast, a DTS robust design makes it possible to measure the value more stably in the rough marine operational environment. DTS also ensures a measurement even in opaque high turbidity water through 3-wavelengths analysis, which is an upgraded version of the existing single wavelength method.


 Techcross will have secured a record high contracts for almost 900 ships this year and is expected to be on a roll in after sales service market as well with this new TRO sensor down the road.