Techcross Showcases a New Item in KORMARINE


http:// Techcross showcases turbidity correction technology and new projects;
company on the way to launching environmental business



 Techcross, a ballast water management system manufacturer, is participating in the 22nd KORMARINE 2021, hosted for four days from October 19 to October 22.


 Much attention is given to KORAMARINE, the first offline shipbuilding and marine industry fair since the COVID-19 pandemic began last year. Techcross planning to showcase its ballast water management system that will be distributed to clients until 2024, in addition to releasing a new product using the turbidity correction system featured in press, as well as other global service systems. The turbidity correction technology provides accurate results even with non-transparent water when measuring the concentration of total residual oxidant (TRO) during electrohydrolysis. It boasts the highest performance among all products in the market. The new product and service are crucial elements to consider when purchasing a ballast water management system. Even existing clients can benefit from this product, as it aids follow-on maintenance. Furthermore, the company is presenting on the green hydrogen production system, which is a part of its new future business plan. The industry is expected to focus on this opportunity as the presentation will be the first showcase of Techcross as a fledgling environmental company.


 Techcross will be located at booth 3D09 in Hall 3. Please refer to the official website and LinkedIn page for inquiries or other notices.



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