Techcross in full swing in the Green Hydrogen Industry

On September 28, Techcross signed a "Business Agreement to Strengthen Mutual Cooperation in Green Hydrogen Convergence Technology" with the Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) and Korea Western Power Co., Ltd (KOWEPO). Through the business agreement, Techcross plans to complete the water electrolysis stack technology directly linked to renewable energy. In this process, the KIER will develop the core technology for water electrolysis, Techcross will be in charge of the joint development for scaling up of water electrolysis equipment and manufacturing, and KOWEPO will provide a test bed. As early as last June, Techcross signed a technology license agreement with the KIER for green hydrogen alkaline water electrolysis production technology, which was embodied through this trilateral business agreement.


This project is a technology that produces hydrogen by electrolysis of water with electricity generated from renewable energy obtained from wind or solar power, rather than from fossil fuels used previously. The hydrogen produced in this process is classified as eco-friendly green hydrogen without any GHG emissions.


Techcross plans to scale up the 10kW class water electrolysis stack to 250kW class by 2023 through trilateral cooperation, and then commercialize it to 1MW class by linking with large-scale energy from 2025. The water electrolysis technology linked with renewable energy among the green hydrogen production technologies is currently at an early stage in the overseas market, and if the technology is commercialized, it is expected to enjoy the technology preoccupation effect.



At the same time, Techcross expanded and relocated the Gyeongin Research Center to Hwaseong at the end of last August to manufacture a green hydrogen production system, and has been fully strengthening its test equipment and workforce.