Launched ECS Smart Platform

Improvement of service quality through real-time analysis of equipment data
without additional cost


BWMS used in a special space such as ship contains a possibility of inconvenient experience in unexpected time and location since it is not static but mobile. However, if such possibility can be identified and prevented in advance, both user and manufacturer can avoid unnecessary business trip, hence creating a win-win situation.


Under such circumstances, Techcross has distributed ECS Smart Platform for mutual benefits. If this service is used, Techcross will receive the operation condition and error status of equipment on a real-time basis. That is, Techcross will be capable of preventing any problem and proactively managing maintenance through immediate data analysis. Furthermore, Techcross can contribute to the equipment upgrade and the service level enhancement as customer data are saved as big data.



The service has been provided until now. However, what makes the new service different from the existing service is that there is no burden on a user because a ship network is used without purchasing or installing any equipment. A user can prevent any potential trouble only by connecting the existing LAN cable or a ship WiFi to a Techcross CPC. Since data usage for the service is very small, no load will be imposed on the main network. The service will be available from January, 2022.